SwiftDex Trading Exchange

SwiftDex Trading Exchange is not your regular run-of-the-mill exchange and will not be affected by the volatility of the big crypto coin markets will focus on listing of new coins. ICO's and new coin holders will have their coins listed for trading on the SwiftDex Exchange while traders and investors will be able to purchase these new coins at its cheapest as it will still be in its infancy. As these coins grow in stature and the project behind the coin picks up momentum the value of the coin would increase dramatically making the SwiftDex Exchange an attractive platform for the ever growing number of blockchain investors and traders. Each day there are many ICO's launches and millions of coins/tokens are purchased. Most of these ICO companies do not manage to get there coins/tokens listed on exchanges making it useless to the buyers of these coins/tokens during the ICO stage. As SwiftDex Exchange will be listing New Coins on a regular basis, Companies holding ICO's will be able to have their coins listed and tradable on our platform. This would solve a major concern many ICO Token buyers have.