Worlds First All In One Blockchain Solution Platform Trading Exchange, CryptoCommerce Marketplace, Turnkey Solution Lab

Stage-2 ICO is LIVEĀ  10% Bonus in this stage


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SwiftDex (SWIFD) is an ERC20 Token Used On The SwiftDex Blockchain Ecosystem
Swiftdex Turnkey is live -
SWIFD Token Price - $0.25
We Accept Bitcoin & Ethereum
How To Buy SWIFD Tokens
 1. Register
 2. Login to your personal user account
 3. Purchase SWIFD Tokens
 4. Copy your personal referral link and spread the word
 5. Receive Free SWIFD Tokens every time a new contributor signs up
How To Buy SWIFD Tokens
 1. Register
 2. Login to your personal user account
 3. Select currency you want to purchase SWIFD tokens with
 4. Make purchase
 5. Receive SWIFD Tokens
What is swiftdex ?
Swiftdex is an all in 1 blockchain platform offering a trading exchange, Crypto Commerce marketplace and a turnkey blockchain solution lab.
How does it work ?
The trading exchange will focus on listing and trading of new Coins – Cryptocommerce market place will be where people can buy and sell items using cryptocurrency and the Turnkey blockchain solution lab is where you can get any blockchain service like ico services, ERC20 Token creation, Mobile App development and much more. The turnkey Solution lab is already active and you can purchase services at –
What is the Swiftdex Token ?
Its an ERC 20 token named SWIFD Token.
How will the SWIFD token be used ?
SWIFD can be used to purchase any service on our turnkey lab, Cryptocommerce Marketplace and on the SwiftDex Exchange. We will also apply to be listed on other major exchanges.
Who is the Team ?
The team is made up of Developers and marketers. Our developers have developed many blockchain solutions including mobile apps. To order any blockchain solution you can visit our website at – – We also offer complete ICO solutions from Token creation, website development to launching your ICO. As you have seen on our token usage, we will be dedicating a massive 40% to marketing as we want to reach out to the broader public.
Why invest in SWIFD Token ?
Anyone that would like to purchase any blockchain solution or trade on SwiftDex exchange or marketplace would need to use SWIFD tokens, that means naturally the value of SWIFD token would increase in value.

TeamAn International Team With Extensive Blockchain Experience

Stepan Egarov - Founder
Stepan Egorov - Founder
Rahul Bhadouria - Development
Sorina Scaunas - Marketing
Mukesh Kirholiya - Development
Ayano Hatanaka - Development
Stuart Driscoll - Deployment
Liam Magee - Security
Elene Luthi - Marketing